What is line dancing? - Line dancing involves performing choreographed steps in unison, typically in rows or lines. It's a dance form suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Do I need dance experience to start line dancing? - No, prior experience is not necessary. Line dancing is beginner-friendly, and our beginner classes are great for teaching newcomers.

What should I wear for line dancing? - Wear comfortable clothing like jeans, leggings, or shorts that allow freedom of movement. Opt for shoes with smooth soles to slide and pivot easily.

Do I need cowboy boots for line dancing? - While cowboy boots are commonly associated with line dancing, they are not required. You can wear comfortable shoes with smooth soles instead. Want to come in a pair of boots? We recommend checking out Go West. 4105 Sunrise Hwy, Bohemia, NY 11716

How long does it take to learn a line dance? - The learning time varies, but I'll teach multiple routines within the class.

Are there different line dancing styles? - Yes, various styles exist, including country, urban, and Latin line dancing, each with its unique steps and characteristics. Dances are taught at studios and dance halls around the globe, so it’s possible to experience different styles wherever you go.

Do line dances match certain songs? - Different version of a dance can be choreographed to specific songs. It depends on when and where you learned them. We teach common versions and custom dances as well.

Is line dancing a workout? - It can be! Line dancing provides a moderate aerobic workout, allowing you to feel energized after a lesson.

Dance Floor etiquette

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keep an eye out, partner dancers have the right of way